DNA lifestyle test gives you a blueprint of your body. A sample where your data for the analysis is collected is a spit (saliva). The "manual" for the right approach to your goals is written right there, in your DNA. Our genes have all the answers, we just need to read them.

Ordering the test includes three consultations, free of charge.

DNA lifestyle test

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If you are enjoying active lifestyle or being a complete novice, this test will be a great add on for your onward well being. If you've just started changing your lifestyle, the results will show you a clear path to your goals. If you're recreational or professional athlete, the results can help you up your game to a higher level. It can also be used as a tool for preventing any conditions you might be more prone to (like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.).

Have you ever heard of "it's because of my genetics"? As a person working in a health and wellness industry, I've heard about this many, many times.

Luckily this test shows you what genes you have, how to use them to your advantage in regards to nutrition, exercising or lifestyle (such as rest, metabolising food, risk for addiction, ...), so you can finally reach your goal!

It's like reading a manual on "how to use your body".


Remember how excited you were when you got your first mobile phone? Immediately you read the manual on how to set it up, as you didn't want to mess it up before first use. It's a good example what the test will give you, and we go through your results together.


Results come in six categories:

  • Sport performance

  • Vitamins & Minerals

  • Diet & Body weight

  • Metabolism & Lifestyle

  • Skin health & Ageing

  • Heart health