All About Me

Hi there! My journey in the field of health and wellbeing begun at a very young age. I played basketball for almost 20 years, here and there worked in an office (accounting, calling, etc.), but i never felt really comfortable in this role. Then, in 2015 I got myself certified as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. And that's where the fun starts!

For the past couple of years, I was extremely lucky and had a chance to work and travel at the same time. I was a personal trainer on a cruise ship, which prepared me big time, for the world we are facing now -  online. How? Working on a cruise ship gave me an opportunity to see and help a lot of people week after week, equip them with knowledge, tools and motivation, once they got back home, they had the action plan, suited to themselves. After their time onboard was over, we stayed in touch online - see testimonials, and online is all we are hearing about today.

While I was visiting the worlds most beautiful places (from sunny Caribbean to glaciers of Alaska, ancient Mediterranean Europe all the way up to Norway,...) and had people coming to me for advices, I was motivated (and felt obligated) to give them the right answers. But i could only do so by constantly improving myself. So instead of just laying on the beach and getting some sun tan in my off time, I took a chance of self-study in the best possible destinations.

I support holistic approach of improving health from it's foundation - balanced nutrition and exercise fitting your lifestyle and your genes, through improving "bad" habits.

Why DNA-vid? Your DNA is a manual about "How to use your body", and -vid are the last three letters of my name.