Hi, I'm DNAvid!

Active lifestyle has always been a passion of mine. The ability to share my experiences and knowledge with others, then seeing people achieve results with it, is what makes it all worthwhile. Why DNAvid? It's a combination of what I do and my name. I specialize in nutrigenetics, nutrition optimal for your DNA. Put simply, what you eat won't change the sequence of your DNA, but your diet has a profound effect on how you “express” the possibilities encoded in your DNA. The foods you consume can turn on or off certain genetic markers which play a major – and even life or death – role in your health outcome.

So DNA as our genetic sequence or a code, and vid as the last three letters of my name (David).


About My Approach

We know our body has DNA. It contains our unique genetic code and determines our day to day living. Matching our nutrition, exercise and lifestyle according to our DNA also means we maximize our potential. It is "a book", and genes are "the content" of that book, we need to read it and follow the instructions it gives us. The amazing thing about science in 21st century is, we can decode and read, what our DNA says about us with a test. Samples are send to Slovenian laboratories for testing.



Skofja Loka


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